Would You like any butter or jam with your masterpiece?

(914 days)

I do so admire creativity. Every day amid all the strife and diabolical shit the worly is subjected to by us humans – and natural disasters yes, but mostly human idiocy – people all over the world still manage to produce wonders. Incredible feats of imagination and skills, or simply audacity and bravado, and some dumb luck. They’re often beautiful, often awful, frequently impressive, and largely unnecessary to survival.

I also admire Harrison Ford on a very, base, visceral level. You’ll know this if you’ve followed the blog for a few years, his name and his characters crop up fairly often with creepy devotion.

So it is with great joy that I share with you a magnificent piece of art titled Pan Solo. A life size sculpture of Han Solo as he appears at the start of Empire Strikes Back frozen into his carbonite prison, and it is has been lovingly sculpted out of.. have you already guessed it from the name? Bread.


If you’re a Star Wars fan, or a bread fan, you’ve probably already seen this on the news in the last two months, but if you haven’t. – you’re welcome. Unsurprisingly this homage in dough to one of the greatest action film heroes is located in California. We’re so reliably weird here, it’s ironically predictable.

The town of Benicia (go to San Francisco, and then keep driving North for about 30 minutes) hosts an annual scarecrow contest. This year about 40 businesses registered for the contest lasted 2/3 weeks, during which time passers by voted for their favourite scarecrow. And if I’ve managed to suss out inserting a link correctly, you can take a gander at some of this year’s entries.


Here’s the one you really want to see.

Pan Solo in all his doughy glory.

Pan Solo is the brain child of the mother daughter duo of One House Bakery, Catherine and Hannalee Pervan who every year spend weeks creating gargantuan sculptures for the October contest. They also come up with witty pun names. (This alone makes me very jealous, I lack this skill, and to add insult to injury I live in LA surrounded by writers and improv fans who are really quick-witted. It’s like not being able to touch your toes and living in a yoga retreat for cats where they can all lick their own genitals whilst maintaining searing eye contact.) In 2020 these bakery owners made the Pain-dough-lorian and Baby Dough-da, accompanied by a pandroid, last year’s entry was Dough-ki, the alligator incarnation of Loki.

Dough-ki. It’s made out of bread. Be very impressed.

The only downside is that the sculpture is inedible, it’s made out of a bland “dead” dough meaning that it has no yeast, so it’s tough and chewy, leathery really. If that wasn’t enough to put you off it has also being painted, doused in shellac and sprayed. I suppose at least it is a good deterrent to ardent admirers who might be tempted to give Pan Solo a quick nibble. Really though, what pervert would go that far?



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