You’re confused Senator McCain? So is everyone else.

The universe has a splendid sense of comic timing.  Within two days of posting that everything was coming up roses, my mum is diagnosed with pneumonia.

It’s all okay though, she’s doing fabulously well due to the modern miracle of super strong drugs.

Anyhoo today, along with thousands of other people today I watched former FBI director James Comey sitting on his lonesome at a table being questioned in front of hundreds of people, about his actions, his reasoning, his memories, his interpretation of events and of Trump’s behaviour and words. We could talk all day long about this and indeed much of the nation has been, a friend of mine in Washington DC posted that some businesses today closed their doors and went to the pub instead to watch the TV.  Amongst all the voices heard today, there was one that has got people ever so quietly and ever so politely murmuring, “What the hell was that?”

John McCain, since the election, has raised his public image considerably by facing the fact that Trump is a poor president, instead of red-facedly attempting to defend the insanity unlike some other members of the Republican party.  (There’s loads of them, we can single out Paul Ryan for sure, but you know ..iceberg, tip.)  Both Republicans and Democrats have been referring to him as a voice of reason.

So it was a bit of a shock to witness him, during his turn to question Comey, having what was at its best either an aging brain moment, or a My family has been threatened so I have to do this, moment.

Basically, McCain in his questioning said that Clinton and Trump, being the two presidential candidates, were part of the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the presidential campaign, and then implied that – since Comey had stated that no charges were to be brought against Clinton as a result of the FBI’s earlier investigation into her email situation – he had cleared Clinton of wrongdoing but Trump was still under investigation and so therefore Comey was biased against Clinton.

This is when the viewers went , “Eh?  What’s he on about?”  Because the thing is that Comey had already testified to saying that Trump was not under investigation at this time.  And he explained repeatedly that the Clinton email investigation, had been completed and closed without charges being brought against her.

So basically the real time situation is that there are two investigations: one that is closed in which Clinton was investigated and cleared; and one that is currently open in which neither Clinton nor Trump is the subject of investigation.

….and then there’s McCain creating an alternative universe.

I felt like I was watching Great Uncle Roger get really mad after Christmas dinner because he’s convinced that the game of Halo 3 he is avidly watching is actually the news, and the rest of his family won’t believe him when he tells them war has been declared.

I guess Comey felt the same way when he furrowed his eyebrows and declared “I am confused, senator.”




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