Exhaling, and a hint of mortal peril.


Did you hear that?  Here it is again, louder.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.

That’s me, exhaling, a big deep breath.

The big scary surgery in the family went really well.  A bunch of other things that were stressing me out have been waded through or meandered off on their own, AND I got a month’s membership to a spa that is so focused on relaxation it has a room specifically for sleeping.  Lush.

I’ve been feeling all “Life is short! Carpe diem! Don’t sweat the small stuff,” and been squeezing buckets of lemonade out of teeny tiny lemons.  Stuck in traffic?  How nice to have time to listen to the radio!  Broken plate?  One less thing to wash. Put on weight? Well my cleavage looks fantastic and food tastes great – HUZZAH!

And for bonus points, last month I organized a 10th birthday party  and discovered the secret to kids’ parties: keep the kids full of sugar; the booze flowing for the parents, and provide entertainment that involves just a slight hint of mortal peril – we made fireballs in bottles!



2 thoughts on “Exhaling, and a hint of mortal peril.

  1. So pleased that life is now offering you more than lemons – even though you made lemonade. Delighted that all went well and such a pleasure to read your oh-so-much-happier blog. Love from us both. PS – Fireballs in a bottle sound amazing!


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