Today’s Distraction Provided by the IRS.

I’m exhausted.  Not thinking requires a tremendous amount of energy, no wonder all these meditational types are slender whippets. It’s also kind of a shock to realize how much of my day is spent in detrimental day dream.  I suspect I don’t normally notice because when the imaginary scenarios start happening in my head, I let them happen, so it feels like I’m only thinking about something two or three times a day, as opposed to constantly, incessantly, obsessively.

It is easy, and perversely soothing, to succumb to day dreaming, or day-maring as is the current case.  But the problem is that whilst the scenario in your brain is an illusion, the feelings attached to them and therefore the neurological consequences, are very real.  Imagining you’ve been in a vicious verbal fight?  Well all that hostility and hurt that you’re telling yourself is only pretend is actually very real to you, and is releasing the same damaging stress chemicals, such as cortisone, as if you’d really been involved in an abusive interchange.  Oh and you’re also molding you’re neural network to experience those negative emotions quickly and easily.

See… denial can be good.  Pretending the problem doesn’t exist can be a healthy option!

And with that in mind today we are concentrating on my call to the IRS.

Mrs Gearhart, you are patient, you are kind.

Your sloth slow speech is soothing to my battered mind.

Repeating to me a dozen times, the amount that I owe,

Is equivalent to a dose of Xanax washed down with lime SoCo.

Thank you yes I’ll use the website, to pay my due

From 2013, the year I made a big boo-boo.

The year my accidental double dipping,

Had the IRS guys completely tripping.

In my defense, Schedule E is complicated,

And Turbo Tax self-file vastly over-rated.

But now it’s done, all paid, I’m clear…

Until I cock it up again next year.


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