The Cruel and Vicious Day.

Feeling the love this week what with it being Valentine’s day and all.  Not sure why I would get all happy for it because ultimately Valentine’s day has come to represent the last minute thought, and the fear of getting into trouble with your other half – hence the long lines at the gas station, hands clutching mangled bouquets and squashed boxes of chocolates.

This year one of the kids in my life had their first experience of heart-break when their school secret valentine (exact same thing as a secret santa but replace the fake beard and large kidnapper’s sack, with a deadly bow and arrow) got confused and gave a Valentine to the wrong person… and so one child skipped off to school very excited, and came home traumatized at being the only person in class not to get a Valentine, whilst some other bugger got TWO gifts.

Wow, the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s a hideous holiday.  Halloween’s not nearly as cruel and vicious as this.

There were some happier events.  NASA released a cosmic love story about the planet Hat-P-2B and its host sun Hat-P-2.  Sexy names right?  Could they not have gone with something a bit more whimsical: Anthony and Cleopatra?  Romeo and Juliet? Bill and Sookie?

Anyway, turns out the little old Hat-P-2b makes Hat-P-2’s heart flutter!  The planet’s on a very off kilter orbit meaning that for 10 days a year it gets super close to the big star, and when it does that star’s pulse skyrockets, and it gets extra twinkly.  It’s okay, you can say ‘Awwww’, I know you’re reading this in private… probably whilst you’re sitting on the toilet.

Anyway as a Valentine’s gift to you: find the heart amongst the snails in this Dudolf picture.  I love these puzzles because… well to be honest I’m normally pretty good at them and then I feel smug.  Yep, I’m that shallow.

In case it drives you crazy, Dudolf’s got the solution on his blog thedudolf.blogspot.comsnails-634x600



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