Personal El Dorado

I have found something incredible and wonderful.  It is the treasure buried at X marks the spot.  It is the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is a mini El Dorado, or a Shangri-La.  It is my personal holy grail.

Brief segue here whilst we’re talking of holy grails.  How come Indiana Jones isn’t immortal after drinking from the holy grail in the third film?  Is this a case of, “Ah it gives you everlasting life as long as you’re in that particular temple and don’t go beyond the seal?”  Because in that case, why bother?  Why would you search for the grail to spend all your life in one room.  And does that mean that its healing powers on Dr Jones Sr. wouldn’t have worked if he’d been the other side of the seal?  Or say the injured half of him had been on the wrong side of the seal, could you have thrown holy water from the grail onto the bullet wound to cure him?  Also what happens to the immortal knight?  Does he end up wandering around the ruins of a temple for all eternity?  Trapped under piles of rubble?  And if the geographical location of where the grail is, is what makes it so special, why even bother with a grail in the first place?  Why not just venture into the temple past the seal and drink some holy water from your reusable travel bottle, or a sippy cup?  I love Indiana Jones, but the storylines always manage to pose some sort of “So…. what’s the point?” query.  I guess it goes to show he is a true academic – knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

Okay so back to my personal holy grail which, sorry to burst the bubble of anticipation, is not quite as exciting as ever lasting life.  Last week I found a cinema which shows movies a month or so after the general release date and charges a measly fee of .. wait for it… $1.75.


Oh come on, be amazed.  That’s amazing.  A ticket costs less than a cup of coffee, half a hot chocolate, a third of a cheap beer.

And where is this technicolour mecca?  Normally I wouldn’t tell you, but I don’t want this place to close down so I am sharing the love: Valley Regency 6 in Noho.  It’s small, clean, and uncrowded, with a full concessions stand, and free parking.

Just thinking about it gives me a sense of peace and well-being in these turbulent times.


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