Well hasn’t he aged well!

Bloody hell!  Did anyone else know that Chuck Berry turned 90 today?  And not only that, but he has released a new album??  His first in 38 years???

To be honest I’d assumed he’d popped his clogs some time ago.

My finding out this wonderful news (I do like Chuck Berry, have done ever since I was a kid and he was approaching retirement) coincided with reading an article about your chances of a long, healthy life being improved by a reduction in the amount of food you eat, which made me think, “Well look at Chuck… he’s never carried a spare ounce.”

It also coincided with me reading an article about how to spot a psychopath at work and what to do if you come across one.  “Run” was the main piece of advice.  Not that this is anything to do with Chuck Berry, but it caught my attention simply because it reminded me of some very odd people I’ve worked with…. if you’re wondering if that’s you, just ask yourself, did I sprint away from you leaving nothing but dust and an empty margarita glass in my wake?


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