Vote for Hillary

Word press suggested I add a subtle prompt to my site encouraging people to vote.  So I put mine in the title.

Just in case you didn’t cacth the subtle message here it is again:


Here’s part two..  Don’t vote for Trump.

Eddie Izzard was interviewed on The View, where he was asked amongst other things, to express his views on the election.  He responded with the succint statement above, “Vote for Hillary. Don’t vote for Trump.

He was then asked what the prevailing sentiment was in the UK about the election, to which he replied, “Simple.  Vote for Hillary, don’t vote for Trump.”

My recent trip around the world coincided with Trump’s campaign to become the Republican nominee, so I heard opinions all around the globe about the current American political situation.

What is the common opinion?  Trump’s a joke.  Anyone who votes for him is a joke.  Our election is a joke.  That Obama is not admired within his own country, is seen as ridiculous.  The decades long media assault on Hillary – a ludicrous, time-wasting, distraction.  That Trump could feasibly be the leader of the world’s most powerful, and therefore dangerous, country – a really scary, twisted, sickening joke.

That anyone could believe the lies that Trump spews forth when taped footage clearly demonstrates him lying, or that they are aware he lies and don’t care, is politely described as insanity, and less kindly attributed to sheer stupidity.

Admittedly, other countries shouldn’t throw stones, especially when their governements are about as rock solid as candy floss in the rain, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a valid point.


VOTE FOR HILLARY. Don’t vote for Trump.



2 thoughts on “Vote for Hillary

  1. So very incredibly tragically true. I wonder if Americans realized just how much damage Trump has already done to the standing of the country in the eyes of the world, if they’d be less likely to tolerate his idiocy on television.

    I’m a tour guide and I tell my tour members to prepare whatever they want to say when people overseas ask them to explain what the hell is going on in America with Trump. They think I’m kidding. At first.


  2. It’s a good question. Mostly I think Trump’s supporters would probably be offended by the other nations’ opinions, and lump them into the category of “People who say nasty things about Donald because they’re just out to get him for no reason at all!”

    It really shows how much the USA is in the press and in particular how much attention this election is garnering, because there are plenty of crazy political situations around the globe right now, but everybody is talking about the possibility of Trump being president.
    I am hard pushed to think of a single person I met who didn’t want to talk about this fiasco. They were all astounded that Trump had become the front runner for the Republicans.
    Oh well, we’ll have to wait and see what happens on November 8th!


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