Quick update, North of Carmel.

Quickie update because the keyboard ran out of battery power and the tablet keyboard has a mind of its own and makes stuff up.  I am convinced it also is aware when I am typing angry things about it, judged by its behaviour.

Anyhoo, since Carmel and the zebras of San Simeon, I’ve headed North. I had a fabulous time catching up with pals in the towns of San Carlos and Palo Alto, home to affluent, desirable life styles that my bank account tells me will never be mine.
Then I moved onto the Humboldt area where I have cruised a steady 20 miles below the speed limit so I can marvel at all the giants redwoods, along the Avenue of Giants.  The Ewok forest has become a real and tangible place for me.


A couple of hours in Eureka was spent, not sightseeing as I should have done, but surfing the net in the warm and friendly coffee shops of historic downtown. They also have chocolate shops… we LIKE Eureka. Its northerly friend Arcata is slightly smaller but no less enticing, and home to the largest hippie per capita population I’ve yet to encounter in California.

I’ve been car camping, and true to form I keep turning up at places after dark. Arriving in foreign cities at night has both its pros and cons, but arriving at a campsite after dark has no pros, none, unless you really enjoy a surprise in the morning when the lights come up: Hmmn, that really is a steep drop next to where I parked the car. No wonder I heard weird noises all night, I am next to a field of elk.

Last night I pulled into the dark, and cold, empty patch in the forest that looked just the right size for a car and a tent. Batted away insects that were attracted to torchlight as I tried to arrange a bed in the car, and told myself repeatedly that the weird noises would all seem normal in the morning. This morning, I found myself next to a fast running creek, with bridges of fallen tree turns artfully adorned with moss. I savoured nature’s grandeur for a full 30 minutes until the neighbours around the river bend started having a full on screaming match. That seemed a good time to leave.


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