Carmel by the sea

Gosh I’ve been busy and important recently.  No really I have, check the news.  I’m the non-descript one in the background, you know, next to the person whose face you forget instantly.

Anyhoo, I checked out Carmel-by-the-Sea, which I always misread as Camel by the Sea, That then reminds me of a time I accidentally did a 10 mile hike instead of a 2 mile one in the sand dunes of a state park in Southern Australia, in the middle of Summer with only one teeny water bottle and no food, and of course no bloody map.  The saving grace was that I got distracted from the sunstroke, dehydration, and hunger by prints in the sand that to this day I think were made by camels. I’m pretty sure I saw some in the distance towards the end of the day, although to be fair, by that point I could well have been hallucinating.

Anyhoo, Carmel-by-the-Sea is ever so rich and swanky.  It is a far cry for sure from the seaside towns that I grew up with: Barry Island, Porthcawl, Ogmore, home to the best chips shops in South Wales.  Ooh, sudden craving for beef pie and chips.

Carmel’s eateries consist of bistros, trattorias, wine bars, gourmet bakeries and fancy patisseries.  It’s all very nice, but there is something inherently irksome about a place where you can’t find a sandwich for less than $10.  Their shops are the sort of places you walk into naively, and walk out of with a wallet substiantially if you’d paid off Greece’s deficit.  And for somewhere that I’d only vaguely heard of, the place is heaving with tourists.  The main street is awash with Europeans stopping in for a break from the great Californian coastal tour.  I suspect as with all places that attract lots of tourists that there is a range of other quirky, cool, and affordable areas where only the locals go.  Although this is the Monterey coast, so maybe not.  Even dog kennels require a mortgage up there.



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