Looking After the Pennies…

I have often voiced the opinion that it is counter productive to give athletes salaries of multi-millions.  First and foremost it forces up ticket prices for fans.  That’s a crappy deal for sports fans.  Supporting a team should a unifying experience, strangers from all walks of life immediately bonded by shared loyalty.  There shouldn’t be a divide where only the elite can watch a live match.

On the flip side it’s detrimental to the players themselves.  Wages likes that place athletes under intense media scrutiny, focusing on every aspect of their lives and constantly asking do they live up to that enormous pay check.  Clubs market those players like a product to recoup their salaries, and it all ends up making gods out of mortals.  Gods whom we crucify when they mess up professionally or personally.  That’s a lot of pressure for a person and their family to deal with.  Especially if your life ends up being front page news for months, sometimes even years.

It’s not just sports people, I don’t see the point in multi-million salaries for any profession really.

Anyway, with this in mind, I nearly pissed my pants laughing at an article today stating that Manchester United (premier football team in the UK, widely respected by every football playing nation in the world, in case you’re not in the know) had told their players not to swap shirts with the opposing team at the end of a match because it wastes money.

Um…Manchester United pays its recent acquisition, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 290 000 GBP a week. That is over 15 million pounds per year (approximately $25 million). But they’re not just paying money out, oh no, they are raking it in too. Sales of Zlatan’s team shirts brought in 76 million in the first week that they signed him.

Apparently Man U is feeling a bit strapped for cash. I do have some suggestions that may help…


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