Paint Wisdom and Trivial Pursuits

Do you know I said just two days ago, “Ooh, I’m really looking forward to a couple of relaxed days where I can blog every day.   All I’ve got to do is a little bit of painting, and they’re small rooms.”

Bloody hell, I’ve been up until two in the morning every night and I’m covered in layers of paint and spackling dust, which apparently is not very healthy for you.  Something to do with carcinogenic dust in the lungs…

On the rare occasions I have left the house, I’ve been asked constantly, “Ooh have you been painting?” I assumed it was because my hands are an abnormal shade of Ocean Blue and Champagne Bubbles, but a quick inspection in the rear view mirror revealed I had paint down my nose and through my eyebrow. I don’t remember head butting the wall, but evidence says otherwise.
A chap in the supermarket stopped me to ask if I was a professional painter and could I give some advice.  I laughed heartily, told him I was an amateur, and then because I am a person who cannot resist problem solving and giving advice, I jokingly – whilst being completely serious about imparting some wisdom, obviously – asked what the problem was.  Then I just couldn’t be stopped, I was away nattering about wall preparation, sanding surfaces, and never using anything less smooth than a semi-gloss in the bathroom.

Anyway, that aside, I’ve been thinking about the board game Trivial Pursuits.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if we played with actual pies?
Ponder this with me. You get a group of people together that can be divided into six teams. Each team is responsible for attending the tournament armed with a pie that they have made, it has to be the same diameter as everyone else’s, but it could be sweet or savoury. No ice cream pies though because the delicious little buggers melt.

Ideally you would have a variety of different colour pies: blueberry, something red, carrot or pumpkin for the orange one, definitely food colouring for the purple one.

The teams get empty pie tins to collect their slices of pie as they play the game. And then the genius bit – at the end of the game, you get to eat six slices of pie! Everyone’s a winner.

Really why are there not pubs all over the world doing this?

I like the idea of a giant board that you walk around on with your pie tray in hand, the centre of the wheel would be a table where all the other pies are kept. You could have penalties or consequences for nibbling at your slices of pie before the end of the game. The only drawback would be the dropping of pies, or worse foot in pie, or – ew – carpet fluff in pie. Note to self, covers for the pie tins are a must… and also dividers for the individual slices. Or just stick to the regular board that would work too.

You could make into a huge tournament with many games running concurrently, and the over all winner is the person who managed to not vomit throughout the tournament.

I shall ruminate further on this whilst combing paint out of my eyebrows.


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