Delicious Day at the Discovery Cube.

OH, I have had one of those truly delicious days where you’re not worried about sticking to the clock and everything rolls along beautifully.

I was hanging out with an awesome nine year old today (as always, I will put in the disclaimer that this is a nine year old I know, not a random kid that I bumped into to), and we went to the Discovery Cube in North Los Angeles at the Hansen dam recreation area. Supposedly it’s a kids’ museum, but all the fun stuff is a suspiciously suitable size for adults so I’m thinking that whole kid thing is just a marketing gimmick.

I got to test and compare my reactions to a F1 racing driver, and let me tell you, I could shimmy into one of those sporty little numbers and give them all a run for the millions of prize money. I would have had a perfect score if it hadn’t been for some meddling 18 month old who kept standing on my sensors at the wrong moment, ugh.

I got to take 20 cracks at shooting an ice hockey puck into the net…the virtual goalie is a lot better than I expected him to be. I shall stick to auto-racing.

I played multi-trivia games. Kicked ass at bouldering on the indoor climbing wall; experienced an 80mph wind tunnel; watched a 3D movie about an adventurous sea turtle and his relationship with the human race (very moving); took a virtual drone ride into the LA water system (all you people kayaking the LA river – stop, and get your vaccinations done first before getting back out there. Tetanus, diphtheria, typhoid, cholera… whatever you can get your hands on …yellow fever); as well as a trip down through the different levels of the aquifer. It was awesome, the nine year old appeared to have a good time too.


From there we went exploring in the oddly empty and desolate park area. It’s very pretty in a horror movie type of way.

Then instead of a typical hang out and watch TV evening activity that you would normally have with a 9 year old, we put cucumber slices on our eyes and lay on the carpet, before doing some interpretive dance to classicall music; and then rounded off with an hour or so of animal impressions. The kid’s got a house fly down to perfection, whilst I do a pretty nifty gecko.

Perfect day.


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