Last Night

Last night, I stayed awake until after 5 in the morning, painstakingly stitching Cheshire Cat eyes onto velvet, using El wire (the stuff you can put on clothing and it glows in the dark), the world’s tiniest needle, cotton thread, and more than a few droplets of blood  – painstakingly! – for a charity event which I am not attending.  At the same time I was horribly aware that I had only one day to prepare for a three week trip I am about to take and would have to be up and at ’em at 7am, on less than two hours.

I’ve had several epiphanies in the last eight hours.

  1. I am a little too busy for someone who is supposed to currently be an idle jobless layabout.
  2. The birds in this neighbourhood like to sleep in, there was no dawn chorus to greet the early light.  I am truly grateful for the birds and their lazy, slatternly ways… and jealous.
  3. Top tip for those periods in your life where you are ludicrously busy and really don’t have time for the extravagances in life such as going to bed, bathing etc…  Sleep in your clothes, and wear a hat during the day.  It’ll save you a tonne of time.

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