Did you know…

Here’s  a weird side note about the Philippines,  you can’t  get tampons there.

Possibly not what you were expecting to hear.

Doubtless they must be sold somewhere within the country, perhaps the capital city of Manila may stock them, but generally speaking you can’t get them.  Certainly I couldn’t  find anywhere on the island of Palawan which sold them (which is something of an impediment on a snorkelling-and-frolicking-in-water-falls holiday).

I wondered why this should be the case since , by comparison, the Philippines is one of the more easy going, liberal minded, South East Asian countries. Are they stockpiling, in the event of an apocalypse, or are they preparing for an atmospheric Winter with many nose bleeds?  Perhaps there’s a craze for stop motion animation about mice.

Those answers didn’t  seem terribly plausible other than the stop motion animation, so I did a little digging, and I found that basically people are afraid to use them, leading to very little demand for them.

Apparently it is a commonly held belief that using tampons will break the hymen, thus accidentally seducing you of your virginity.  NOT TRUE! That does not happen, that useless piece of skin is more sturdy than you think and can withstand a cotton wool missile. Also, tampons do not buy dinner and drinks, or tell funny jokes, or pay you compliments…they are lousy at seduction.

More rationally, tampons are unpopular because their use is associated with toxic shock syndrome,  which can make a person horribly ill and possibly result in death. It’s  very rare though. Probably rarer than dying by spider bite (no idea if that’s  true, blatantly making things up here, hence the word “probably”).

At complete odds with this modesty, is the sale of condoms – they are sold everywhere, and you’ll find specialist condom shops in the big city malls with open and vibrant window displays.

Anyway, that was observation of the day.


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