An Irksome Moment

I’m having an irksome moment. Today after finding out that I had to get a very specific route to get to the bus station which meant doubling back and adding an extra 30 minutes onto my journey, I get to the bus station to be told there are no buses going to my destination, I will have to take a ferry as well. I later realise this is not the case and what the man at the ticket desk meant is that one particular bus company out of about 15 of them available, does not make that journey. I did not understand that.
With my inferior bus line ticket in hand I board the bus to my almost destination. About 20 minutes before we are due to arrive, the bus pulls over and the woman next to me tells me we all have to change buses. Three people aren’t moving but the rest of us get off and onto another bus. I am so conditioned to go with the flow now, that I do what I am told without question. Also my bus driver has disappeared and is not available for Q and A.
After 30-40 minutes on the new bus, I find out I am on the wrong bus and I did not need to change. I am now fucking miles away from my almost destination. So now I am sitting in a shack, I’ve paid for a new ticket to go back the way I came and I’ve added another 2-3 hours on my journey.
Harrumph, I should have been getting off a ferry at my final destination right now.
I know alcohol is not the answer, but I feel it might be able to point me in the right direction.


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