A Middle Class Problem

We’ve hit upon a frightful middle class problem, we can’t find anywhere to go wine tasting!  Strictly speaking it’s a combination of not being able to find them, and being able to find them, but not when they’re open.

We rocked up at one particularly charming place surrounded by acres of neat rows of vines.  A lovely lady came out to meet us, smiled graciously at our attempts at Italianglish, and sadly informed us that the tasting room was closed in the afternoon… but would be open at 8:30 in the morning.

Wine tasting at 8:30 am… I think I’d like to go just to meet people who can start boozing before 9am.  How disappointing it would be if it were a room full of folks who delicately sip, swish and spit as opposed to getting toasted pre-midday.

We made some more failed attempts a couple of days later, and after one incident of finding ourselves in someone’s back garden and feeling a tad awkward “Buonggiorno … nice swing set you’ve got there,”  we elected to drive to the nearby town of Montefalco where there would be tasting rooms, albeit no vineyard.

Hmm, again things didn’t quite go according to plan.  Montefalco, is another very lovely hill top town with quaint cobbled streets, but when you’re, but the uphill is very steep, and sometimes not everyone in your wine-tasting party can tackle hills.  Combine that with still not managing to find anywhere to go wine tasting and you’ve got some rather tetchy tourists.

In the end, we did what any sensible person would do.  We bought some plonk from supermarket for our own tasting session back home.



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