Beware the Tape!

In the shadow of Cardiff Castle a mysterious beast has arisen.  Strangers tell you it looks like a white spider web of epic proportions has appeared, spun between the mighty trunks of seven trees, suspended horizontally 6 feet in the air.  I think it looks more like a spiral galaxy, or an asymmetrical starfish.  Actually what it really looks like is a massive white powdered donut with cartoon arms stretching out from it grabbing onto the nearest trees.

The donut is a temporary piece of artwork constructed by a group called ‘Tape’.  It should not come as a surprise to learn that it is made completely out of tape. Half a tonne of tape in fact.  1000 pounds of tape carefully unwound and stuck together on itself to make a network of hollow tubes that have the support of trampoline, through which children – and adults if they wish – can cheerfully rampage.  The creation will be an open exhibit for one month after which it will most likely be broken from overuse.  I myself did not go inside, I selflessly volunteered to look after coats, bags, shoes, umbrellas etc…

Also I couldn’t get away from the idea that it would be eerily reminiscent of being stuck inside a giant spider egg sac with 500 other spiders all intent on surviving no matter what the cost to their siblings (familial cannabalism anyone?).  In reality only five human children, but the principle is the same.


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