Just Walking.. Walking and Stalking.

We had a glorious three day break from the rain so I spent the majority of the weekend doing exactly what I used to do in the Summer when I was a teenager, I roamed all over the city.  It was slightly different from the old days in that I was on my own – my best friend has important stuff to do these days because she is a responsible grown-up, and so wasn’t able to spend 8 hours and 10 miles blithely chatting about everything from books to boys, to hair styles, to life plans, to boys, to architecture, to cars, to boys, to local vegetation, to films, to boys, to fashion, to music, to school gossip, to boys, to family, to words that rhyme with wanker, to the possibility of alien life, to the definite evidence of alien life… by which I mean boys.

The other difference was my need to sit down and rest on a regular basis.  An extra decade and a half appears to have placed some strain on my lung capacity, and I am also out of the habit of walking the equivalent of two and a half marathons every week (I will be forever grateful for this teenage urban hiking obsession.  Approaching my fifth decade on the planet, with a body that’s glamorously described as voluptuous, but more accurately described as doughy, I still have legs of steel …from the knee down anyway).

It evened out though, my need to take a break was balanced by no longer stopping to buy bottles of Thunderbirds Blue, Maddog 20/20 or Cinzano and finding a quiet spot to swig straight from the bottle.

And when not strolling down memory lane, I have been surfing down it via facebook, and –let’s be honest about this – stalking all the boys I used to fancy (apparently that never gets old, I used to walk by the local Adonis’s house three times a week and sit on the wall opposite, now I get to gawk at pictures of him posted on a friend of a friend’s wall).  I’m discovering there is quite the art to navigating people who don’t remember you, or are in hiding from you.  It’s not a simple case of typing a name into the handy dandy find-friends-you-know search engine, no because this will bring up people with whom you are already friends and then a bunch of randoms which – whilst undeniably fun because you get to scroll through pictures of people who couldn’t possible be the person you’re seeking but have some really messed up photos – is not what you wanted.   Instead you have to do some tenacious sleuthing and eventually you will find your person quietly nestled amongst friends of friends of friends.  You start with Nancy’s friends which include hapless Horace who is the brother of Kevin who friended his on- off again since high school girlfriend Sally, who is the cousin of Adonis.  Bloody brilliant!  Or at least it would be if Sally hadn’t made all her friends and photos private – selfish git


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